Amazing Grace Academy

Educating Alaska's Pre-K through High School Students for Today and Eternity


Grades PreK-6 have music classes with Mrs. Bailey, where they learn to be tuneful, artful, and beatful musicians! Each class has a slightly different musical focus:

PreK-K are building their musical knowledge with the First Steps in Music program by Dr. John Feierabend. Children learn how to sing in tune, internalize rhythm, use expression through music, all while using fun instruments in the process!

1st and 2nd grade are taught a combination of the First Steps program and the Prodigies Music program. Prodigies Music teaches the children how to play the desk bells through hearing, note-identification, and tone, through colorful, engaging, online music videos. You can learn more about the Prodigies Music program by visiting

3rd and 4th grade build upon their musical knowledge by learning to play the recorder. Goals in this age group are to learn to play well as an individual in order to play well with the group. More emphasis is placed on reading musical notation, playing correct rhythm, playing with good tone and posture, and performance etiquette.

5th and 6th grade learn to play the ukulele through the James Hill Ukulele in the Classroom program. Students learn how to play a variety of chords, notes and strumming patterns as a group.



Each year there are two programs to feature the students musical growth. The Christmas program is the most prominent event of the school year! Students may either showcase their musical skills or be involved as actors in a Christmas play.

The Spring program is another opportunity for AGA students to perform for friends and family. This event is scheduled for the end of the school year and is a wonderful way to close out the year.